The Home Improvement People

Our Synthetic Lawn is so Realistic
You Won’t be Able to Pick it!

  • Australian Made for Australian Conditions
  • No more watering or mowing
  • No more bindis or bare patches
  • Lead free – safe for kids and pets
  • Installed by¬†professional¬†landscapers.

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Why Our Artificial Lawn is the Best

  • The artificial grass installed by The Home Improvement People has a dual tone green/Brown Thatching.
  • The blade height is an optimum 35 mm which maximizes the blade stability and provides a realistic looking artificial lawn all year round.
  • The Eco Lawn has a durable double backed base giving strength to the overall product and ensuring that stitches in the artificial lawn stay in place.
  • The synthetic grass used by The Home Improvement People has 14 stitches per 10cm of the roll giving the artificial lawn a full and lush appeal.
  • In total there are 16 straight strands per stitch and 16 curled mono-filament strands per stitch which helps give the eco lawn a beautiful depth and soft feel under your feet.
  • The eco lawn is made from Fine Borealis polyethylene (PE) blade which has a great UV protection to protect the eco Lawn from the harsh Australian sun.

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