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Your Roof, Restored, Refreshed and
Renewed – Guaranteed for 10 Years!

 The coatings used by HIP are the highest standard and are made by Acryloc – Australia’s leading roof coating manufacture and they are made in Australia for Australian climates.

Our Heat Reflective Coating has been designed to withstand the hot Australian sun and is highly recommended for anyone who wants a restoration that withstands the test of time.

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Our Guaranteed 7 Step Restoration Process

  1. Replace Broken tiles to maintain the integrity of the roof
  2. Pressure clean to clean of dirt and moss of the tiles
  3. Re bed and re point where necessary to maintain the integrity of the roof
  4. Apply mould inhibitor to prevent moss or lichen returning
  5. Apply a primer bond and Sealant to assist the coating to bond to the tile
  6. Apply 1st top coat
  7. Apply 2nd top coat

Our Company, Our Guarantee

HIP has become renowned for providing high quality home improvements to the Australian public. Our Qualified Roofing Production team has over 30 years experience in the processes of Restoring and repairing Roofs across all areas of Australia.

HIP is fully licensed for the work of roof restoration (Licence #237226c). All the work is supervised to ensure only the highest quality of work is completed.  HIP back there trades people and quality of products with a 10 year Guarantee.

Enjoy the Look and Peace of Mind of a Fully Restored Roof

At HIP have found that most people these days understand that a band aid approach just won’t do when it comes to the integrity of their roof and home. HIP do not just replace a couple of broken tiles or mend some out of place capping. HIP complete full roof restorations to help prevent the same problems occurring again and again.

HIP complete full restorations for a number of reasons the major reasons why people restore their roofs are

  • They notice broken tiles
  • The notice capping or bedding has become loose
  • To restore the waterproof membrane on the tiles
  • To increase the resale value of their home
  • To improve the appearance and look of their home
  • For peace of mind that the roof is in good condition
  • To help prevent future leaks and problems
  • Our heat reflective coatings will reduce your Summer cooling costs.

Free Inspection of Existing Roof

The Roofing People provide a free inspection of your existing roof and encourage you to be involved with the process so that you may see what work may or may not be required.

Free Roof Inspection

Types of Roofs We Restore

We restore Concrete and Terracotta Tile Roofs.

As a specialised Tile roof restorer we no longer do Iron re-roofing or small repair jobs.

10 Year Guarantee

We are extremely proud of the quality of our coatings and our work.

We stand by our Roof Restorations with a 10 Year Guarantee which is backed by the leading Roof Coating supplier in Australia.



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