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Save Up to $800* per Year On
Your Electricity Bills – Go Solar!

  • Many people think that the Government rebates have ended, this is not true.
  • NSW residents are still eligible for up to $1,300 in Small-scale Technology Certificates when installing a 1.5kW system.
  • All of our advertised prices are including the STC credits being signed over to HIP.
  •  Get Solar Now – When the government rebate is finished, Solar will no longer be affordable.
  • Do your part for the environment – reduce your carbon footprint.


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How Much Will I Save on my Electricity Bills?

This is dependent on a few factors such as the size of your system and the way in which you use electricity (heavy usage in the day or at night) and how much excess is sent back to the grid.

Generally a 1.5kW system installed in NSW can save you $100-$150 per Quarter on your electricity bills. Your Solar Power system is likely to have a life of more than 10 Years – with the Panel Manufacturer providing a 25 Year Performance Guarantee.

You can see from the graph below the ROI over time on Solar, $400 per year with a 5% increase yearly in electricity prices – will end up saving you $5,000 over 10 Years – if you install a 1.5kW System.

 ROI on Solar Energy

Is there a Government Rebate for Solar and if so How Much?

Yes there is a current government rebate. All of the prices displayed or quoted by The Home Improvement People take into account the government Rebate being signed over to HIP.

The Solar rebate was reduced in July 2012, however, HIP has still retained it’s extremely competitive pricing, to ensure you realise a substantial Return on Investment from your Solar Energy installation.

The actual amount of the Rebate depends on the size of the system you purchase.

What is Included in a HIP Solar Package?

1.5kW Package
HIP pricing for Solar Power packages are all inclusive except for connection to the Grid. This will cost you approximately $350-$450 which we can arrange for you.

The amount of panels in your package will depend on the size of the system (inverter) and the amount of Watts in each Panel.
All HIP Solar System Packages include:

  • Solar P.V Panels
  • Inverter
  • Mounting
  • Wiring
  • Installation (extra charges for Double Story or Flat Roof)
  • Paperwork for STC and Energy company
  • Extra charges may be applicable on property assessment and will be quoted on-site.

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What Brands Do We Use?

Solar Equipment

We have a huge range of brands to suit all budgets.

When it comes to Solar Panel quality, there is not a major difference between the Output of Panels on the Australian market. All solar modules need to be accredited by the CEC.

Solar investment only really works out if you and your panels are in it for the long haul. Most companies offer a 25 Year performance guarantee on panels. The main question is – will the company be around in 25 Years’ time?

One thing we want to make sure of is that your Solar System Equipment is manufactured and supported by a stable and reliable company.

All of the Solar Panels used by HIP are manufactured by stable long term companies with a bright future.


We have wide selection of inverters from which you can choose.

You can choose from a range of inverters including K-STAR, Samil, SMA and more.

Ask our consultants for great deals on our larger systems – 2kW, 3kW, 5kW etc.

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* $800 savings based on a 3kW system running with optimal conditions and usage of 100% of power generated during the day time.