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Save Up to 30% on Your
Household Electricity Costs*

HIP Offers two types of boosted systems – Electric or Gas.

Gas is always the better choice as it has cheaper running costs, however there are many households where Gas is not an option and they must go for Electric.

Electric Booster: Our automatic electric booster and thermostat control can ensure hot water is available any time day or night

Gas Booster: Gas Boosting System produces continuous hot water by only heating the water when required. Both Natural Gas and LPG applications are offered.

Electric Boosted

Electric Boosted Solar Hot Water

Gas Boosted


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Solar Hot Water Rebates

When you install a Solar Hot Water system you get a certain amount rebated in the form of Small-scale Technology Certificates – the amount of the rebate is dependant on the size of the system.

Given the current state of electricity prices, the ROI of installing a Solar Hot Water Heater is becoming increasingly favourable – with each power price increase, the speed of the System payback period reduces.

*Based on average household electricity usage. Savings may vary based on household electricity and hot water usage.